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Our Online Course Accelerator Program has more than 2.5K members

And all of them use our IT platform for their schools

Dmitry Yurchenko

IRONMAN Triathlete
5 years of online education background

Serge Kapustin

ex co-owner of BM – the largest business community in CIS
Online education expert with 11 years of experience 

For two years, we were trying to discover every possible online education niche. Until one day we were so overwhelmed with the rate of growth that we could barely handle the situation.

But we still wanted to keep expanding at a sustainable rate, so the decision was made to start sharing our knowledge and experience with our partners. That is exactly why our Online Course Accelerator was born!

Traditional business

Substantial initial investment

Extra employees, extra working capital, and extra production capacity required to grow

Localized business

Logistic infrastructure, warehousing, and shipping system needed

High burn rate, payback >3 years

Office required. To make $15K of income a month you need a team of more than 20 people on average

Office required. To earn $15K a month, a team of more than 20 people is usually needed

Licences, permits, and certificates are required to start. High regulatory control

Fierce competition

Online course business

Start and grow your own online course with little to no investment

Easy to scale: create your course once and sell it again and again

Global market

Only internet access is necessary

Start gaining profits start as early the 3rd month. Financial payback within 1 year

No office. A remote team of 3-4 employees can make $15K a month

No red tape

Smart IT solutions can easily replace employees and facilitate business routine

Unique offer. No competition

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